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Shooting Music Videos

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Competing on American Idol

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Michele Denise Michaels || Professional Vocal Coach



As a professional teaching artist and vocal coach, I have been helping students of all ages and abilities find their voice for over 20 years.

My goal is simple: to give you singing lessons that will change your life forever. You can build unshakable confidence and have fun while learning techniques professional singers take onto the stage and into the studio. And, you can have a great time doing it!About my vocal lessons/coaching: Most students come into lessons with the same question: "Am I any good? Is there hope for me?" Well, here's the thing... The vast majority of professional vocalists never went to school for singing! Most professional vocalists had family and friends that told them they were talented and that they should pursue singing. Most professional vocalists started out copying the sound of other recording artists, struggling for years to find their own unique voice.


The KEY difference between professional vocalists and average singers is (9 times out of 10) the presence of an influential teacher/mentor!

The right teacher/mentor pushes you to grow continuously; beyond what you think is possible. The right teacher/mentor has wisdom and information to share from inside the music industry. The right teacher/mentor genuinely cares about you as a person. I teach so that I can be that life-changing mentor for my students, giving them that missing link for success.

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Michele Denise Michaels || Professional Vocal Coach