2022 MDM VOICE Best of Minneapolis Award for Music School

Student Reviews


Michele is absolutely fabulous! She is knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and most importantly, has a wonderful sense of humor. She makes every lesson fun and enjoyable. It's definitely the highlight of my week. Thanks Michele!

Posted Jul 14, 2023


Amazing first lesson, looking forward for the next!

Posted Feb 18, 2023


Michele the best and she knows what she is doing.

Posted Feb 14, 2023


Loved her fun use of analogies and scientific breakdown when it comes to her style of teaching!Highly recommend her.

Posted Feb 7, 2023


Michelle has a beautiful personality! I have never had lessons before. The first session was amazing! She made me feel comfortable sharing and learning. I can wait until the next lesson is here! She is motivating and patient, extremely knowledgeable about singing and it was a pleasure to work with her!

Posted Dec 6, 2022


After just 2 lessons I've learned more than I thought I would. Michele is fun and knows her s***. I'm booking for next week.

Posted Nov 23, 2022


I've only had 3 lessons so far with Michelle, but it has been such an enjoyable time learning and building that teacher/student relationship with her. She has such a kind and humble heart that I look forward to each of our lessons. I have high hopes that she will help me get back my confidence and skills in singing. She's such a great encourager.

Posted Nov 9, 2022


Michele is literally the best! Made my very first lesson so comfortable and knew exactly what I needed to work on. I look forward to every lesson now! Thank you Michele !

Posted Nov 3, 2022


I absolutely love working with Michele, Ive learned so much and already see differences in my voice! shes amazing

Posted Nov 3, 2022


I’m blown away by how amazing Michelle is!!! I learned so much in just one lesson. Super excited to continue with my lessons!!!

Posted Nov 1, 2022


Michele is absolutely the best! Each lesson is tailored to what you need for your specific voice and goals.

Posted Sep 27, 2022


I had a super informative and delightful experience with Michele. Thank you!!

Posted Dec 7, 2021


It's been about five months since I started taking online vocal lessons with Michele and I have enjoyed this journey every single step of the way! When it came to singing it has always been something that I loved to do but I wasn't the most confident in my vocal ability. Because of that Michele made it a priority to educate me on how the voice works as well as how to properly use it in a healthy way. Since our lessons first started I gained a huge boost in self-confidence when it came to singing as well as understanding how to properly interpret and emote a song when telling the story! Michele has a very kind, warm, and gentle spirit that can be felt even virtually making our lessons a very safe and comfortable place to practice singing! You can tell she has a passion for what she teaches and that she wants her students to truly succeed no matter what area of music they are pursuing. If you're looking for a very knowledgable teacher with undeniable skill, heart, and expertise, I 1000% recommend Michele, I look forward to our lessons every week :)!

Posted Sep 16, 2022


I've been taking lessons with Michele for many years, and she's the best vocal coach in my book! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, but she's kind, patient, and friendly. Lessons are always enjoyable and productive, and my voice and confidence have changed drastically through working with her. Highly recommend starting lessons with her!

Posted Sep 8, 2022


Michele and her lessons are fantastic! In the recent past, I was extremely shy about even "trying to sing" let alone singing in front of another person. Even virtually, Michele creates an environment in which I can feel comfortable and safe to sing, sing, sing away. Michele is an excellent, skillful teacher and, as a bonus, she's such a warm person who makes learning and singing extra fun. I started out without any training and thinking my voice probably needed "a lot of work". I now see, with great instruction from Michele and enough practice, I can reach my singing goals. Some of the skills I'm building through singing with Michele have also helped enhance skills in other areas of my life (using my voice more in general, work presentations and meetings, body and breathing awareness, etc.). Highly recommend!

Posted Dec 1, 2021


Amazing first lesson!

Posted Nov 2, 2021


Alot of fun. She helped a really shy person feel relaxed feel comfortable.

Posted May 23, 2021


Michele is the best. I've been working with her for a little over a year. She's always fun to sing with and has great feedback. I feel like I've improved so much!

Posted Mar 25, 2021

Nathalie Crosland

This was my first lesson and I feel really good about Michele. She took the time to get to know where I would like to take my voice. She already gave me some techniques to do until my next lesson. I'm happy to have purchased a package.

Posted Mar 24, 2021


Still mind blown how much I learned from the free introductory lesson alone. Love how relaxed yet informative the sessions are. Excited to continue my learning journey. Thanks, Michele!!

Posted Feb 10, 2021


It was nice to meet Michele Denise for my first lesson in 12+ years. She was genuine, knowledgeable, articulate, and fun and gave me practical guidance right away. I look forward to working with her more.

Posted Feb 6, 2021