2022 MDM VOICE Best of Minneapolis Award for Music School

Student Reviews

Denise Duliepre

Can you say- AAAWWWEEESSOMMMEEE?!!!!!!!Michele is so AWESOME!!!!!!! Best Instructor I ever had! Fun, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. She was particularly great at helping me enhance the uniqueness of my voice. I am more than satisfied!!!! I highly recommend her!LOVE her!!!Thanks Michele!!!!!!!!

Posted Feb 2, 2015

Linda Breitag

I LOVE Michele. I've had a lot of experience singing and performing over the years, often paid, and I am still learning SO much from her. I expected to dive right into "fixing" my singing problems, but she is really laying a grounded and centered foundation with me. Especially for finding my best voice, not the one I think I "should" have. And relaxing everything about singing. Plus she's just so dang friendly and welcoming!

Posted Jan 27, 2015

Karen Gustafson

Michelle is a warm and engaging individual who listens to what I want out of my lessons then provides expert coaching. Recaps the lesson at the end so I know what to work on. Lover her style and skill!

Posted Jan 23, 2015

Michael Schwengel

I've been training with Michele for the past few months, and it has been quite a unique and rewarding journey so far! Her commitment and desire for her student's progress is strong, and in a short amount of time she has helped me look at and work with my vocal instrument in ways I never have before. Professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable, intuitive, great sense of humor and warm spirit.

Posted Jan 17, 2015

Amy R.

To be the best you have to be taught by the best. Michele is definitely is the best!

Posted Jan 12, 2015

Mike Scott G

I attribute my singing career to Michele. She was my very first singing teacher. She pointed me in the right direction when I got my first choir solo as a teenager in church and remained as a member to help support me several years later when I became the director of that same choir. She created our our former a Capella group where I did my first TV voice performances (and my first recorded album) and she's responsible for creating a musical environment that inspired me to attend conservatory and graduate with a degree in music. Thanks sis!

Posted Jan 10, 2015

Cecilia Huffins

Michele is awesome and she knows her craft. Her style of teaching puts you at ease where you can train at your best. She will critique your voice, give positive feedback and provide you with corrective techniques to improve. She will even coach you on caring for your voice so you can soar far beyond what you ever thought possible. From my first lesson, I knew I had the perfect instructor.

Posted Nov 28, 2014

n lemme

Michele is a true talent and a dedicated music teacher and performer. She is well-experienced in the music business, and has remained positive throughout the years in all of her music endeavors. She's a benevolent and virtuous PRO, and I always look forward to her joyful dedication, in and out of the music room.

Posted Sep 30, 2014

Andrew Decker

Michelle is an awesome teacher. She balances honest feedback with encouragement and support so that you can learn and grow as quickly as possible. She also makes it fun! Lessons are both laid-back and organized. It's so exciting to hear my own progress!If you're thinking of taking singing lessons, take from Michelle.

Posted Jul 30, 2014

A Frempong

I’m blown away by how amazing Michelle is!!! I learned so much in just one lesson. Super excited to continue with my lessons!!!

Posted Nov 1, 2022

Dominick Duliepre

After being in a singing group with this super talented songbird for a couple years, I strongly endorse Michele. Her patience is probably her greatest strength. She has a great "ear" for music as well.With an uncanny sense of humor and a tranquil setting in which to learn, I ferociously recommend .

Posted Jun 16, 2014

Greta Elysee

Michele is a superb teacher. Her own musical knowledge and abilities are extensive, so she can use varieties of approaches to get specific results. She teaches good technique for breathing and singing so that we can make our best sound and not damage our vocal cords.I absolutely recommend her.

Posted Jun 15, 2014

Becky Dale

Michele is a fabulous singer and a wonderful human being! While I don't have experience with her as a teacher, I enjoyed working with her as an artist and colleague and her singing definitely demonstrates her knowledge of the vocal instrument. As a person she is friendly, personable, thoughtful and encouraging of all those around her. We worked together on an inter-generational theater production and she was an inspiration to all involved.

Posted Jun 12, 2014


Great teacher and extremely friendly and helpful! Would recommend to every type of skill level.

Posted Jun 3, 2014

Gary Allard

Confidence to Sing!Michele is a kind and wonderful teacher. I credit her for starting me on my musical journey. She helped me develop my technical proficiency, interpretive skills, individual creativity, and self-confidence. One would be wise to work with her.

Posted Mar 6, 2014

Jessica Meyer

A+ InstructorMichele is a gifted and powerful singer with a passion for learning and teaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is confident, smart, funny, and will put you at ease.

Posted Feb 12, 2014

s g

An excellent singing teacher - highly skilled, patient and kindMichele believes in serving her students. Her purpose and focus are on helping you achieve your singing goals - whether you want to sing on stage, in your choir or in your home. She is patient and gentle and her ears are exceptional! She can hear what you are doing "wrong" and can instantly find ways to help you fix it. She combines exercises and work on songs to help you improve your voice. In addition, her long vocal career and varied singing experiences make her the perfect instructor for beginners and advanced singers alike. I highly recommend her!

Posted Nov 17, 2013


Michele is the best. I've been working with her for a little over a year. She's always fun to sing with and has great feedback. I feel like I've improved so much!

Posted Mar 25, 2021