2022 MDM VOICE Best of Minneapolis Award for Music School

Student Reviews


I always enjoy Michele she is so talented and educated. Thank You so much

Posted Dec 16, 2020


Amazing thank you so much!!

Posted Dec 5, 2020

Ra'mya Davis

I really enjoyed my first lesson with Michele Denise. I am super excited to continue my lessons with her and become an amazing singer!

Posted Dec 4, 2020


I really enjoyed my first lesson. Michele was well prepared and the session moved along very smoothly. Can’t wait for my next class.

Posted Nov 18, 2020


my first lesson and i love her already

Posted Oct 28, 2020


Was so enthusiastic and encouraging during our lesson even though she did not feel well. Thank you

Posted Sep 18, 2020

Lisi Johnson

Very friendly, personable and easy to work with. She asked me questions to find out where I’m comfortable with my voice. I was comfortable with her from the very beginning!

Posted Sep 10, 2020


She is a great teacher! Knowledgeable. Helpful. Accommodating. So far so good.

Posted Aug 12, 2020


Was really fun. She made me feel calm throughout the whole lesson. And answered my many questions

Posted Jun 27, 2020


Michelle you are an amazing woman and you are so gifted and talented and I just thank you and I think a higher power for bringing us together I know that we’re gonna do amazing things together and you’re going to help me reach all of my goals as far as the music

Posted Jun 18, 2020


Learned lots of good tips that I will be able to use for the entirety of my singing career!

Posted Jun 5, 2020

D’myrea Mitchell

Love her! She is wonderful and knowledgeable. She is so much fun, she will made my lesson the absolute best part of my day. I learned such great techniques from Michele in a short of amount of time that will forever make me a thousand times better of a singer. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend:

Posted Jun 2, 2020


Very patient & down to earth. Great lesson!

Posted May 13, 2020


Very informative, Genuine, Caring

Posted Apr 24, 2020


Michele is so smart! So kind, and so open in her environment that she creates for her students. Can't wait to learn more :) Only wished I started sooner!!

Posted Apr 11, 2020


Thank you. You are always awesome!

Posted Mar 31, 2020

Nathel Kaiyeepu

Michele is the best!!! She doesn't just enhance the voice, she also uplifts the vocalist! (:

Posted Mar 21, 2020


The best instructor you can find

Posted Feb 19, 2020


She's so amazing, I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful experience and connection.

Posted Jan 9, 2020


Best instructor ever!

Posted Nov 22, 2019


Really excited about the experience. Professional and I can’t wait to train to a point where I can sing better than I used to :)

Posted Sep 27, 2019