2022 MDM VOICE Best of Minneapolis Award for Music School

Student Reviews

Crystal Cohen

Michele is kind , patient and a sense of humor. I leave knowing more and feeling confident about vocal training.

Posted Sep 20, 2019


Michele is incredibly kind, talented, and smart! I could not have asked for a better teacher!

Posted Feb 21, 2019


Michele is great! Highly recommended.

Posted Feb 17, 2019


Michele is awesome! she knows what she teaches and is great at it and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Posted Jan 16, 2019


I love this lady! She’s so encouraging and I’ve really grown in my gift with her help.

Posted Jan 4, 2019


Always a pleasure taking lessons with her. She has a warming spirit and is awesome to work with! Just by talking with her, you can definitely tell she wants you to succeed

Posted Dec 20, 2018


Michele is amazing at what she does! - Beautiful soul!

Posted Sep 28, 2018


Michele is personable and easy to understand. I can tell I'm going to be growing in my gift by following her instructions.

Posted Aug 24, 2018


So clear in her directions, and deeply encouraging.

Posted Aug 21, 2018

Ed Clark

Michele has been a fantastic teacher. I am a veteran musician, I have played in several touring bands and sang backup as a bass player. Michele gave me the confidence I needed to switch to becoming a lead singer, it has been a wonderful experience!

Posted Aug 7, 2018


Michele took the time to get to know my personal connection to singing and music, so she knew just where to start with me as her student. I appreciated her explanation of vocal anatomy because that type of knowledge helps me figure out how connect with and work with my body, and I also never knew how nice it feels to have someone listen to and hear all the unique qualities of my voice while speaking. I felt like she could "see" my voice, which made me feel a bit exposed, but also trust her to help me overcome vocal challenges and weaknesses in future lessons.

Posted Apr 27, 2018


I haven’t even started and I love her. Just from our first introductory phone call I know Michele will be my vocal coach for life. I’ve met enough people throughout my life to recognize immediately when I encounter someone who not only has passion, sophistication, professionalism, and mad skills, but more rarely the ear and mindset of a keen and effective mentor. I can’t wait to begin the journey I’ve always dreamed of...

Posted Apr 25, 2018

Jon Dominguez

Michele is a fantastic teacher and great person! I learned a lot even in my first lesson!She completely understands my goals and I look forward to working with her more! I personally could not imagine a better fit. Thank you Michele! See you next week! -Jon D

Posted Mar 31, 2018

Katie McCollow

Michele is fantastic- clear direction and super fun!

Posted Feb 23, 2018


Very straight forward and helpful lessons in a comfortable setting

Posted Dec 18, 2017

Deborah Gilharry

Michele is not just a very gifted teacher, but a coach/mentor who truly understands my individual vocal abilities and how to get me to the next level. I am a Jazz Vocalist in my country and have been taking lessons with Michele through Skype for some months now. With all the skills and knowledge I have gained from doing her classes so far, I have propelled into a professional singer where I am sought out to perform at different events. A couple months ago, I had performed at a tourism awards event in my country -a huge event- and it was the first time in all my years of performing anywhere that I got standing ovation with people screaming while I performed. I can tell you it is such a gratifying feeling when people show that level of respect and love. In past years I did get nice comments after I performed, but never at this level. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who truly wants to grow in their musical journey.

Posted Dec 9, 2017

mark balma

Michelle is a very responsive and clear instructor. I enjoyed her spirit and attitude toward teaching.

Posted Oct 17, 2017


Michele is funny, kind, patient, and professional. She breaks down highly technical knowledge into understandable, bite sized pieces. I've learned a great amount in a short period of time and I can feel my voice opening up and sounding more rounded and full.

Posted Oct 7, 2017

Joel Larson

Michele is excellent. She makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and says just the right thing to help you understand how you should think about what and how you're singing. she's helped me tremendously.

Posted Feb 24, 2017


We liked the first lesson very much!

Posted Jan 27, 2017



Posted Jan 26, 2017